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You can't sell a damn thing until there is someone to sell it to.

That's why the beating heart of the best-performing campaigns (and businesses) is non-transactional evergreen list-building. And it's what I do best!

Evergreen because the longer your campaign runs, the smarter it gets. And because steadily introducing new people to your offers straight-up STOPS the feast-and-famine of a growing business.

List-building because your list audience is the only data your business will ever truly "own." And it's the most crucial asset it will ever build - a gathering of humans who genuinely get, love, and want what you offer.

Non-transactional because the last thing you want is to spend a whole lot of time and money building a list of folks who want your "freebie." Stop paying to build that audience. Here, we find your people. 

Say hello to the non-transactional opt-in campaign.
Where people sign up in record numbers - and at half the cost -  not for your "freebie," but because they want what you do.

Why would we want anything else?

Your business depends on being able to speak to the people who dig you and what you do. The ones who care about what you care about. 

That’s why non-transactional, evergreen, list-building campaigns on social media are where it's at. They work.
Over the past 10 years of running opt-in campaigns on Meta, my non-transactional campaigns now average at least half the cost per lead of transactional (freebie, webinar, download, e-book) campaigns. 

Open rates go UP! And yep, so does your bottom line. Because NOW every time you hit send, you're always talking to the people most likely to want what you offer. Your list audience is more than a vanity metric. It’s how you find your people.

Your list is the lifeblood of your business.

And when we do it without the gimmicks,  it is simply the most effective way you can spend your marketing dollars.

Ditch the freebies. Let's build a clean list.

It works when:

  • You've got a compelling message and solid brand.
  • You're crystal on what you want to accomplish.
  • Investing a few months in transforming the way your business communicates online is a priority.
  • You've got the right brain and heart behind your ads.

⬆️ That last one is where I come in. I'm kinda awesome at this. Not just because I geek out on data, do it for fun, and in my sleep. You want me because I care a ridiculous lot about how this journey affects you, your business AND the people who will see your ads.

I'll earn your trust over and over again. Soon, you'll be telling random strangers about "this FB ad lady we found."

It Works Because:

  • I am incredibly good at helping you stand out. The greatest advantage for any business is the fabulous human(s) behind it. I believe in marketing that focuses on why YOU are special - and finds those who think so, too!

  • I am invested in why you matter. I specialize in amplifying culture-changing voices. The "bros" in every industry will always be louder.  That's okay.  We're smarter.  We craft beautiful, meaningful, truth-telling ads. Ads that people share.

  • You're involved and educated.  You'll get a beautiful, detailed report every 28 days (like graphs and stuff) along with my recommendations and requests for your input.

  • My ads get at least 4X the average results. If they don't we pause them, and work with you to until the issue is resolved - all without any additional cost to you.

  • Yours is not "another account" to me. You are painstakingly carving your business out of a literal, digital ether. And your vision is vitally important. ​ I take your business' ad campaign glitter-rimmed serious.

  • There's a smart human creating & optimizing your ads. NOT a bot or an inexperienced intern (egads!).  I'm not putting a boiler plate on your business. I'm reverse-engineering your ad structure & creative specifically to your needs.

Looking for someone you can TRUST to deliver your message effectively and sustainably on the most sophisticated advertising machine on the planet? Sweet. You Just found her! ​

Incredibly smart targeting with a solid reputation for over-delivering. Impeccable optimization, reliable communication & regular reporting. Call-Yo-Momma-About-It Results. That's me.

Let's make ads that MATTER - to you and the people who see them.

✓ We say what's true.
✓ We amplify hope, not pain.
✓ We make ads that don't behave like ads.
✓ We create messaging and media that reflect the spectrum of human experience.
✓ Whenever possible, we entertain!

Ready to Speak Human AND Win The Internet? Let's do it!

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