Why I’m Killing My Email List

I’m Killing My Email List and Why You Might Want To, Too.So, I won’t beat around the proverbial bush (AND try not to giggle at that phrase).Today, my email list is EXACTLY one person smaller than it was the day I put out my virtual signpost 3 years ago. For 12 months in a row, I’ve hemorrhaged more subscribers than I gained in all those 36.I’m not alone. And it makes SENSE! Nobody wants to subscribe these days – including me. […]

Speak Human: The Video

When I was in high school, I remember thinking that Advertising was about the farthest thing from “doing good” in the world as you could get.Thankfully, my own circuitous journey to becoming a marketer who revels in being the secret weapon for small businesses with huge missions has shown me how wrong I was.Today, I’m a weird bird in my field. I believe in telling the truth, and I get up in the morning to help the little guys.  I’m pretty damn proud of what I do.  So when Emmy Wu& […]