Everybody Chill. Facebook Is Just Changing The News Feed Again.

Facebook has announced a major change to the News Feed – and a lot of the business world has predictably freaked the hell out. Again.

Fear not; I’ve got your perspective right here.

The “Organic Apocalypse,” as I like to call it, rears its silly head about every​ 48 months on Facebook.

And the inevitable panic ensues. Not because there’s reason to panic, mind you, but because that’s what humans do when faced with uncertainty.

Nobody really knows what this change means.

Facebook’s announcement – as usual – is far from clear. But the inner workings of its algorithm have ALWAYS been a mystery. That’s never stopped folks from guessing anyway – a problem that lends itself like clockwork to the Biennial Organic Reach Doomsday Mob.

Jon “Always Worth Reading” Loomer breaks this down incredibly well in his balanced take on the changes:  “We all start interpreting the announcement differently based on our own biases and experiences. [… But ] We. Don’t. Know.”.

So Why Did Facebook Make Such A Vague Announcement Anyway?

As much as I hate guessing here, I’m hoping its meant to influence public perception of the platform. With so many of us regularly feeling that our feeds have become emotionally, politically,  and pitch- “heavy,” something has to give if we’re going to keep logging on.

So, yeah, Facebook hasn’t really told us WHAT exactly it’s going to do to make our time on FB more enjoyable. But it may be enough for people to see them as doing SOMETHING about it.

At least one analyst is already predicting a 20% increase in stock despite the change. And, hey, now everybody’s talking about Facebook. My guess is they’ll be logging on to see if their feeds do indeed become a more “meaningful” place. 

As usual, we’ll wait and see.

What Should We Be Doing About It?

The End of The World hubub is always a good reminder to reassess the quality of our content AND where we put it. That’s all there ever is to do about any of the constant changes around us. In my mind, it’s all that ever matters.

​Organic reach – which just means users seeing your brand’s posts in their feeds at no cost to you – was NEVER a participation trophy for creating a social media profile anywhere. Sure, organic reach was wider a decade ago – when there were WAY less of us on social media.  But the things your business posts anywhere is advertising.  And advertising has never, ever been free.

In other words, if your business relies on reaching its customers solely through organic reach, the social media sky will ALWAYS be falling.

​So I HOPE that our response to another algorithm change will be a swfit nudge toward better, more creative content, rather than panic.  

If you’ve got “learning” or “exploring” a new social tool or platform on your to-do list, this is a great time to do it. If you haven’t tried FB Live, give it a shot. If you haven’t begun creating remarketing audiences and experimenting with ads, you’ll want to look into that yesterday. 

​And if you haven’t created content in a while that YOU would comment on, now is the time.

Speak Human, Win The Internet.

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