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Looking for someone you can TRUST to blow up your business with the most sophisticated advertising machine on the planet? Sweet. You Just found her! ​

Incredibly smart targeting with a solid reputation for over-delivering. Impeccable optimization, reliable communication & regular reporting. Call-Yo-Momma-About-It Results. That's me.


You're here because you already know you need social media ads. So let's skip that part & get to the nitty-gritty! 

Facebook & Instagram  ADS - Unleash the Audience-Building, Remarketing Machine!

Single Campaign setup, optimization and reporting begins at $3500. Let's explore what that looks like ...

  • You've got a clear message and solid brand.
  • You're crystal on what you want to accomplish.
  • Investing a few months in transforming the way your business communicates online is a priority.
  • You've got the right brain and heart behind your ads.

⬆️ That last one is where I come in. I'm kinda awesome at this. Not just because I geek out on data, do it for fun, and in my sleep. You want me because I care a ridiculous lot about how this journey affects your business and your family.

You'll know EXACTLY where your money is going, WHY and HOW. This is your business, and I get how hard it is to put this part of it in someone else's hands.

I'll earn your trust over and over again. My guarantee: In a few months, you'll be telling random strangers at cocktail parties about "this FB lady we found."

  • We're awesome at helping you stand out! The greatest advantage for small business & non-profits is the fabulous human(s) behind it. We believe in marketing that tells the truth and focuses in on why YOU are special. 

  • We only put your ads in front of people who are highly likely to be your future customers.

  • My ads get at least 4X the average results. If they don't, I suck. I pause them, and work with you to until the issue is resolved - all without any additional cost to you.

  • You're involved and educated.  You'll get a beautiful (like graphs and stuff), detailed report every 28 days along with my recommendations and requests for your input.

  • There's a smart human creating & optimizing your ads. NOT a bot or an inexperienced intern (egads!).  I'm not putting a boiler plate on your business. I'm crafting your ad structure & creative specifically for your mission & goals, like a BOSS.


  • Yours is not "another account" to me. You are paintstakingly carving your business out of a literal, digital ether. And your vision is vitally important. ​ I take your business' ad campaign glitter-rimmed serious.

  • I get why it matters so much. I work with small-er businesses because it's what gets me out of bed in the morning and what allows me to sleep at night. I do my FB Ads voo-doo for smaller business because that's who I am, and I know what's at stake.

  • I will ALWAYS tell you the truth. Yeah, ads are hella complicated. It's rocket science and a full time job. But it's mine - YOU have a business to run. Still, you should understand what's going on and why. I do that on the regular. That's why my I'm 100%  transparent.

  • This business practices responsible marketing. We actively advocate for representation of all bodies, races, and lifestyles in the messaging we create.

Want to see what I can do for your business with Facebook Ads? Ready to Speak Human? Let's do it!

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