Is Your Business Ready For Ads? Not If Your Website Isn’t Answering 3 Questions.

My job as a Facebook marketer is to drive relevant traffic to your landing page. It’s the job of your landing page to convert that traffic. 

So, I have to say NO a lot. Too often, a landing page or offer just isn’t ready to do its job.

Forget for a moment that you’re a business owner.

Think instead about how many times a day you visit websites AS A CONSUMER. Remember How and Why you go to a website. Every search is a search for an answer to a QUESTION.

A question that begins in your Google Search Box or on Facebook for Recommendations.

Lookit, every visitor to your website is a MIRACLE. Out of millions of potential destinations, someone has reached your little corner of the online world by the grace of some unnameable digital god. But they’ve come to your website with a SPECIFIC question.

And they’re not going to read a novel in order to get it.

SO Does your website answer your customers’ questions? Quickly and without unnecessary preamble? Clearly and without pretense?

Data says, it probably doesn’t. And if it doesn’t, your customer WILL move on. With a quickness. Because your website is NOT doing its job. Your website’s job is to answer questions, build trust, help your customer make an informed decision, and sell your product or service. Y’know, in case you were blurry on that. 

Invariably, clients insist that their website does, indeed, answer customer questions. Y’know, if you’re willing to really work for it.

“What I do is clear – just read my heart-filled, 5-page blogs from the past 4 years. You’ll get it.
All you have to do is put your question in my 90’s era form and wait 2 days. 
​I spent months on that 3-page FAQ – it’s all there!”

Um…. NO.
It’s not the customer’s responsibility to find the time to “discover” your awesome. They have an infinite number of other options.!

Your Miracle Browser has landed on your website to answer 3 main questions:

  • Do you have what I’m looking for?
  • How much is it?
  • Can I trust you?



​To answer this question, and quickly, you’ll need to be specific and transparent.

There is NO reason to hedge this part. Just say what you do BEST. And what you don’t do well. It’s the kind of wondrous honesty that is immediately recognized online by savvy consumers. Because the truth is SO freakin’ rare.

Pizza Place: Nobody said tomato sauce and mozzarella were required. We got your goat cheese right here. If you were expecting Oregano, we’re happy to disappoint you. 

Business Coach: Looking for a business advice that doesn’t pull punches? Sweet. Ain’t nobody got time for anything else. My approach is most effective for businesses that are facing pivotal moments in their growth and making big decisions about their next moves.

Seamster/Clothes-Alterer.  You can buy it off the rack. Because I can fix it. In 72 hours or less. THIS is custom FIT.


My product-selling people … you’ve got this. You post prices. Now tell me WHY it’s more, or less, than what I can find elsewhere. It’s important.

My service-selling people … I know you’re conflicted about this. But your service is actually, ultimately, a product. And I know it depends upon who you’re working with and what the job is.  I still URGE YOU to provide “Starting At…” Prices. PLEASE.

It helps newcomers to the service get a gauge on at least the range of pricing. 

Feather earrings: This item costs more than the rest in your feed because I follow North American Feather-Collecting regulations. It’s important to me and my customers.

Consulting services: I charge less than my competitors for graphic design  because, honestly, I’m just starting out. If I’m as good as my mom thinks I am, I’ll double my prices as soon as I’ve proven it. Why not get in before I do?

Plumbing: We’re not the cheapest. We’re the best. Get an accurate, responsible quote and warrantied work from Toledo’s best-reviewed technicians.


By simply attempting to answer this question, you’re already out-performing 80% of websites.

This question is a request for proof-of-life. Are you there? Who are you? Is this legit?

And answering THOSE questions is potentially the most fun you’ll ever have on the internet.
You make ample space for the voices of your previous customers to speak to that. You take a small amount of space to just lay it out.

Is there a human behind your company? Can I see / meet / learn something about her please …? Thanks!

Bottom Line:   Ads will amplify a good offer. But they can’t make an unclear offer clear. Is your business ready?

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