Speak Human: The Video

When I was in high school, I remember thinking that Advertising was about the farthest thing from “doing good” in the world as you could get.

Thankfully, my own circuitous journey to becoming a marketer who revels in being the secret weapon for small businesses with huge missions has shown me how wrong I was.

Today, I’m a weird bird in my field. I believe in telling the truth, and I get up in the morning to help the little guys.  I’m pretty damn proud of what I do.  So when Emmy Wu agreed to help me tell that story in a way that truly lived up to my tagline, ‘Speak Human, Win The Internet,’ I knew she was about the only one in the world who could truly pull it off.

This video is what we created together. And the journey she took me on to tell this story has done more for me, my clients, and my business than I could have ever imagined.

Because I’ve never been clearer on what I believe the stakes truly are in social marketing. And how the people I work with and my philosophy participate in the messages we consume.

Please take 3 minutes to watch what Emmy Wu Media has created here. And if it gets you excited about what’s possible, then let us know!

*Special thanks to my dearest family and friends, who have also supported me through years – in ways innumerable – of finding my way to walking my talk.

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