Successful Ads Don’t Happen In A Vaccum.

Not the British hoover kind of vacuum. Not the tiny robots that miraculously keep our floors clean (we call ours Gizmo), either.

I’m talking about the fact that your Social Ads WILL NOT WORK if ads are the only thing you’re doing online. Dig? Successful ads don’t happen in a vacuum.

Today, successful ads work with all the other things you’re doing online.  Let me explain.

Here’s what happens when you run an ad on Facebook or Instagram.

Hopefully, you’re getting a minimum 2% Link Click Through Rate. That’s my minimum because it’s quadruple the industry standards, which are admittedly pathetic.  Industry click through rates on ads are 0.05-0.75%. 

Meanwhile, you’ll see that your CTR-ALL rates are much are higher. Those are the people that are clicking on your Page profile picture to figure out who the hell you are. And trying to figure if they can trust you.

RIGHT. So, now we’ve established that MANY MORE people will see your Facebook Page or Instagram profile than will ever see your website/landing page.

Ain’t that a bitch? Because you’ve never optimized your Facebook Page. At all. Or, it’s been a LONG time. Maybe your Instagram Profile is an afterthought. But here you are PAYING to send all this traffic to it.

Your FB Cover Image and Instagram Bio are literally billboards, and you’re NOT using them to drive sales. You know that offer users just saw in your ad? Is it somewhere else (on your site – or on the top of your FB Page, a link in your IG Bio?) or do people have to wait to see the ad again?

Let’s assume your landing page is BALLER. It’s optimized to the max – and for mobile.  If your FB Page – or IG profile – is stagnant, it might not matter.



What, and how often you post on your FB & IG Pages may have a direct effect on how much you pay for FB/IG ads – and how many people they reach.

I said, “may have,” but that’s wrong. Your social activity absolutely has a direct effect on how much you pay for ads. The FB team said as much in this podcast – but it also makes sense. Of course, the platform is going to prefer advertisers that are active on Facebook/Instagram. The customer service is likely to be better.

If you’re active, you’re less likely to be a bad guy.

And make no mistake about it. The Real-Deal businesses are in a Medieval-Level Joust with the Bad-Guys (Scammers).  Every Quality Post Counts.

So how do we beat the bad guys?


The truth in business is SO freakin’ rare, it always stands out.

I’ll give you an example.

A few months ago, I heard a podcast about a brewery that had beaten all the odds – community reticence, flooding that destroyed them – but they believed in their beer.

So much so that they rebuilt and patented a way to can an uber IPA. Today, the drink is so popular that people stand in line for HOURS to get their 4-pack limit in Vermont.

Their fans tattoo its artwork on their bodies. I’m not kidding.

The hubs is a super-IPA fan, so I thought, can I get this stuff on the internet? And yeah, on eBay, apparently I can. Somebody stands in line for hours to get a 4-pack and they sell it online. For $80.

YEP. I bought $80 beer. And it was the best Christmas present ever.

Because nothing happens in a vacuum.

Your landing page matters. Your website matters. Your presence on the social platform on-which-you-advertise matters. Your customers – and what they say about you –


If you are a legitimate business, Social ads can help you. No joke, it’s kind of ridiculous what we can do. Find someone you trust to tell the truth, and then go all in.

​Start yesterday.

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