Why GDPR Rocks

Everybody’s tripping about GDPR. That’s valid, of course. You can no longer send emails to people in Europe unless they expressly give their permission … y’know, again.

So, I’m looking at a pile of 42 messages asking me to confirm my interest – Yes, even though I don’t live in Europe (because that segmenting was too difficult) – Yes, even though I haven’t heard from them in over a year, and I’m over here like …

Yeah, no.

I know there are a couple people out there (like, 5) that aren’t on social media. I’ll only hear from them if I opt BACK in AGAIN to their list. But y’know what, they’re not in my pile of 42 GDPR requests.

I’m going to venture that they cared enough about their list to filter me from that particular hurdle. 

But, then again, I haven’t cared about email for a while now. I burned my own list over a year ago for these reasons. The people I care about, I follow on social. It’s redundant for me to receive an email AND 3 notifications of that email on social media.

Point being that email is not my primary receptacle of information, y’know? It being 2018 and all. I sign up for an email for 3 reasons:

  1. It’s required for a discount on my first purchase (And inside, I scream, WHY? Why do I have to give you my email to get  $14 off this product? You’ve got me already on your pixel. This wasn’t necessary). But here we are. $14 is $14. So I give you my email and unsubscribe 2 minutes after my purchase is complete. Because if I don’t, I will get emails from you EVERY DAY, and I like you, but I don’t like you like that.
  2.  You seemed cool and offered something I couldn’t Google. But I got the free PDF – it wasn’t actually as awesome as you promised –  and now I’m in a sales funnel, and it sucks balls. FAIL.
  3. You’re a friend/colleague. And I support you, obvi! But I’m not an actual opt-in that is a lead.

But GPDR is getting me out of ALL of these – I mean, those of you who are sending them to American subscribers when you don’t have to. Why are you doing that?

I’m not complaining. I welcome this out. Maybe it’s a good thing, right? An opportunity to CLEAN your list.  Maybe you want to make everybody “compliant” – meaning they expressly want to receive your emails – in the spirit of GDPR.

In that case, I agree with you. That was what the email list was meant to do all along. If you’re gonna have one, use GDPR to clean it.

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