Why I Won’t Be Scaling My Business

Before I explain why I’ve decided to not “scale” my business, I should explain what “scaling” means. Because, honestly, I didn’t exactly get it at first. I just knew that it’s what the internet and the experts said I should do when I got really, really good at what I do.

First, what I do is Facebook and Ads. I happen to know I’m one of the best there is at that. So, SCALING is a thing I’m supposed to do now that I’m awesome, I “should” outsource a lot of the work – and charge more – because, I’m growing a team. And now that I know how good I am, it’s time my pricing matched the market, right?
That way, I make more money, manage fewer accounts, and this now-awesome machine can run without me. And I can take my family to beaches on shores farther than those of Texas. I win in this scenario. Every one’s dispensable – especially me. I get it. Fair enough.

At first, the idea of scaling was REALLY attractive. It assured me I could help MORE people, more smaller businesses. That’s enticing, since that’s why I started this whole thing. So, I made all the calls. And had all the meetings. I listened to all the arguments about why I should scale.

EXCEPT. Every. Single. Expert I spoke to (except Cindy Klein) Said that I’d have to charge 2K/month in order to “scale.” That posed a problem for me.

Yes, I know that even the greenest digital Ads Manager charges 2K/month. And yes, I know that I’m at least 4X better than the best. But my mission is clear. I use my FB Ad powers to help those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to this powerhouse of a marketing machine.

And that’s corny as hell. It’s old school and it’s difficult to communicate honestly. I get that. It’s the truth, though. I believe in smaller business. I want to work for the people for whom my work MATTERS.

I am absolutely committed to bringing the unflinching power of this platform to the little, emerging, fledgling, business. I want to help the business that wouldn’t make it without me. I want to help pay mortgages and feed kids.

As a powerful, effective marketer, I feel, recognize and hope to fill the shoes of the enormous trust my clients put in me. My job is to TELL THE TRUTH.

Long story short, I charge well less than half what the “scalers” want me to charge. A quarter what my colleagues charge. But even at half, it’s A LOT for my smaller businesses to pay. It’s a whole lot. It’s an investment that asks for a lot of trust. And as a smaller business owner, I get that hard.

If scaling means that I only work with people who can front $2K/month minimum, then I CAN’T scale. If scaling means that I have to hire people who are fabulous, but aren’t as good as me and won’t ever care as much about your success than me, then I WON’T scale.

So  I WILL NOT SCALE. I I will continue to  help smaller businesses that need me. I will look my daughters in the eyes and tell them honestly that I’m helping other families like ours. And that feels right to me.

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