Why I’m Killing My Email List

I’m Killing My Email List and Why You Might Want To, Too.

So, I won’t beat around the proverbial bush (AND try not to giggle at that phrase).

Today, my email list is EXACTLY one person smaller than it was the day I put out my virtual signpost 3 years ago. For 12 months in a row, I’ve hemorrhaged more subscribers than I gained in all those 36.

I’m not alone. And it makes SENSE! Nobody wants to subscribe these days – including me.

So, I’m killing my email list.

When today my friend asked me Why?
  I replied, “Modernity and intelligence.” That was probably a bit snippy, but not untrue.
What IS true is that stateside, getting an email address is like (and this is one of my favorite-est Southern sayings EVER) pulling a piano out of the bottom of lake.

We’re jaded. And we have every right to be!

How many times have we put in our email to get “The Free Guide To A Really Crappy PDF That Links To More Crap I Could Have Just Googled (But You Made It Sound It SO Enticing!)?”

Oh but there’s more. Like soooo much more.

Now I’m in your stupid sales funnel. The funnel you created because an “expert” told you that’s how you roll online

So now your emails are coming at my face faster than pizza on a hangover Sunday. And they don’t stop.

Now we hate emails. Forever. (Le Sigh).

SO MUCH of marketing is pivoting when the bad guys ruin a good thing.

So here we are. 

Today, I sign up for your email list JUST IN CASE I miss the same post on social media. And only IF I care enough.

There are exceptions for some businesses. I’ve run only TWO successful email ad campaigns for clients in the last year. And they have two things in common:

  • The Opt-In is something that CANNOT be googled. (It’s what I call “Social Gouda.”)
  • It’s something they desperately need to know RIGHT NOW.

That’s it. I think my “Social Sundays” newsletter twice a month met the first criteria. I’m not certain it met the second. Because things move & change SO very quickly for social advertising, I just post that stuff on Facebook.

So, yeah, fair enough.

If you LOVE the idea of killing your list, too, you’ll need to have some other things in place first. Mailing lists are dying, but something else has taken their place.

No worries. I’ve got a Free video guide to setting that up right here. It’s not easy, but it’s gotta be done. This shouldn’t take you more than an hour – I’ve made it free and ungated (NO EMAIL REQUIRED) because it’s THAT important.

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