Naming our products, courses, websites, newsletters, programs … is not like naming KIDS or pets!!

Except that it … SO … is.

We Google synonyms and definitions and meanings.
We can go too traditional (Hi, John and Mary!)
Or get too damn clever for our own good. (I see you, Moon Unit and Xxxavier).

Here’s this thing that we’re bringing into the world that didn’t exist before.
What do we CALL it?
It seems so important. That’s because it is!

This word-shop is for my soulmates out there consciously choosing how we use words to re-shape the messages we’re putting out into the world.

But there’s no reason this (super important, culture-making) stuff can’t be ... fun!

Naming things is half science, half art. Equal parts research and intuition. And in my experience, it’s best done with friends!

I'll be sharing my very own iterable, "if-then" process for naming things in this wordshop. One you can use and repeat with confidence. It will be SO worth every one of those 5,000 pennies.

So, friends, let’s get together and name some shit.

I’m Lara! I’m a digital ads expert for small business. Also a linguist. Mainly, I’m hella good at marketing and words. I’m good at them because I use both of them to make the internet a better place.


Speak Human, Win The Internet.

We exercise responsibility in marketing through linguistic precision, social awareness, and radical inclusivity. Lara Eastburn is a Facebook & Instagram Ads specialist for smaller business & non-profits.