Facebook Page SEO? Yep! Another One Click Quickie!

You’ve seen Facebook “Recommend” PAGES to you in your feed, right?This is how you narrow those recommendations down to the right people for you – from 2 billion to just right!Yep … with one click (or 3), but definitely in under 30 seconds! […]

How Facebook Ads Really Work: The Ballad of The $80 Purple Butt Pillow

/ See that picture right there? I bought that piece of genius for $80 after seeing a Facebook Ad. 2 full months after seeing the ad.I want to tell you why I bought it. Why it took 2 months. Why I’m happy about the product. Why the ad worked (eventually). And why the advertiser will never get credit for that sale. It was a damn fine ad. Funny, inventive, feed-disrupting. I saved the ad to “study,” yes.I thought it was rather clever and might inspire some of my clients.I also saved it b […]

Everybody Chill. Facebook Is Just Changing The News Feed Again.

Facebook has announced a major change to the News Feed – and a lot of the business world has predictably freaked the hell out. Again.Fear not; I’ve got your perspective right here.The “Organic Apocalypse,” as I like to call it, rears its silly head about every​ 48 months on Facebook. And the inevitable panic ensues. Not because there’s reason to panic, mind you, but because that’s wh […]

Is Your Business Ready For Ads? Not If Your Website Isn’t Answering 3 Questions.

My job as a Facebook marketer is to drive relevant traffic to your landing page. It’s the job of your landing page to convert that traffic. So, I have to say NO a lot. Too often, a landing page or offer just isn’t ready to do its job.​ Forget for a moment that you’re a business owner.Think instead about how many times a day you visit websites AS A CONSUMER. Remember How and Why you go to a website. Every search is a search for an answer to a QUESTION.​ A q […]

The 5 Most Engaged Facebook Audiences

What can you REALLY count on when everything digital marketing is always changing?​Recorded with  The Brand Journalism Advantage back in January RIGHT after Zuck announced the latest changes to the algorithm.​Listen or read the transcript here! […]

Why GDPR Rocks

Everybody’s tripping about GDPR. That’s valid, of course. You can no longer send emails to people in Europe unless they expressly give their permission … y’know, again.So, I’m looking at a pile of 42 messages asking me to confirm my interest – Yes, even though I don’t live in Europe (because that segmenting was too difficult) – Yes, even though I haven’t heard from them in over a year, and I’m over here like …Yeah, no. […]

Successful Ads Don’t Happen In A Vaccum.

Not the British hoover kind of vacuum. Not the tiny robots that miraculously keep our floors clean (we call ours Gizmo), either.I’m talking about the fact that your Social Ads WILL NOT WORK if ads are the only thing you’re doing online. Dig? Successful ads don’t happen in a vacuum.Today, successful ads work with all the other things you’re doing online.  Let me explain. Here’s what happens when you run an ad on Facebook or Instagram.Hopefully, you’re getting a minimum 2% Link Cl […]

Why I Won’t Be Scaling My Business

Before I explain why I’ve decided to not “scale” my business, I should explain what “scaling” means. Because, honestly, I didn’t exactly get it at first. I just knew that it’s what the internet and the experts said I should do when I got really, really good at what I do.First, what I do is Facebook and Ads. I happen to know I’m one of the best there is at that. So, SCALING is a thing I’m supposed to do now that I’m awesome, I &ld […]