One Word FORUM

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The best part of One Word is LIVE!

In the One Word FORUM, we develop and hone a practice for investigating the words we use to create, talk about, and promote our businesses together.

You set the tone. Bring to the Forum the words that perplex, delight, or frustrate in your own industry - even, especially, in your own copy.

Together, we'll engage in questioning the pre-scribed language of business and marketing using etymology, history, linguistics, humor, and plain ol' common sense.

With all access, come to any live Forum, including our schedule of special events.

Join us for any live One Word Forum. Every other Wednesday at 11am CT & Every other Thursday at 10am CT.

Participate live and speak freely. Forum sessions are unrecorded.

Our Words Matter.

Our conscious re-examination of the words we use can reduce harm, restore agency, and straight up make business better.

The words we use in business and marketing function as "received language."  We inherit them as a pre-determined, infinitely repeated - but largely unexamined - "vocabulary for success:"

Sell solutions. Scale offers. Integrate systems. Automate responses. Optimize for conversions. Launch programs. Persuade consumers.  Master sales. Manufacture urgency. Promise certainty. Follow the formula. Leverage your audience. Price for profit. Exacerbate pain points.

And don't forget to kneel before your ROI. 

And so it goes that business has come to depend upon a host of clichés, jargon, and insipid vaguery to communicate the unique, novel, and beautiful things we create and offer to other humans.

The experts swear by it. The internet says so. It's just how it's done. 

We rely on lingo because to do otherwise would tempt failure. We build our businesses on its foundations without ever feeling like we had a choice about it.

NO WONDER  we struggle to actually say what we do - or why it matters.

Reduce harm, restore agency, and straight up make business better. Start with the words.

 Participate live and speak freely. Forum sessions are unrecorded.